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Do you like running and would you like to have a good feeling not only due to the released adrenalin, but also to the fact, that you helped someone in need? Then you have a unique opportunity to support Tyflocentrum Olomouc and buy your registration for the most prestigious races in terms of the RunCzech running series.

Why to support Tyflocentrum Olomouc in particular?

More than 70 % of the blind and partially-sighted do not have a job. We change this for example by  offering specialized IT courses, helping in search for a job, and things like that. We also help the blind and partially-sighted with eliminating of barriers, special counseling in choosing a computer to fit their specific needs etc. Furthermore we run a social firm Ergones which employs handicapped (mainly visually-impaired) people.

By buying your starting number via TyfloCentrum Olomouc, o.p.s. for Sportisimo 1/2Maraton PrahaVolkswagen Maratonský víkend Praha and Mattoni 1/2Maraton Olomouc you will support the employment of people with severe visual impairment and their better future!

How to join in the project and support us?

1. Buy your registration at TyfloCentrum Olomouc. Just choose a race of the   RunCzech running league,reserve your registration here and wait for the payment instructions. Then you will obtain a code that you will use to register on RunCzech website.

2. Buy a registration at TyfloCentrum Olomouc at a lower price  and become our goodrunner. You can choose from our projects.
Almost everyone can run, but you can actively help our organization raise money. The feeling you have when the money from people comes to “your” project – beyond price! 🙂

3. If you already bought your registration, and yet you want to support our organization, you have a desire, time and energy, become our goodrunner.The principle is simple; create your own challenge/project and put it on darujme.cz and through your acquaintances, colleagues, partners or social networks raise funds!

If you want to become our goodrunners, you can choose from our projects.

You can visit the runczech website to learn what the goodrunners‘ projects look like.



14th, October, 2016

The 2017 running season has already knocked at the door and registrations have been on sale since July! The popular charitable part  – Run for a good cause, when people buy their registrations via charitable organizations, donate to given projects or they can become goodrunners is inseparable.

TyfloCentrum Olomouc has been involved in this project for the second year, offering registrations for sellected races of the Runczech running league.

For the year 2017 we offer registrations for  Mattoni ½ MaratonVolkswagen Maraton and Sportisimo ½ Maraton in Prague. We believe that thanks to Run for a good cause we will manage to gain over CZK 50 000.

Our vision for 2017 is also  to be supported by the public or firms also in terms of small goodrunner projects that are to help. The purpose of the whole event actually is not only to resell registrations and thus ease the work of the others. Quite the contrary! The right purpose is to involve enthusiasts, sportsmen or only good-hearted people who would like to try such a fundraising in person in the project.

Do you know how difficult it is to raise money to acquire a ceramic kiln or for the activities of an organization? Would you like to try it and help us? Then the role of a goodrunner is just for you!

We believe that in 2017 we will intrigue new runners, supporters and we enjoy cooperating with RunCzech team!

Tomáš Helísek



If you decided to buy your registration and support us, first of all, THANK YOU! Part of the mounted price of the registration will go in aid of the employment of the blind and partially-sighted and on the development of social services for them!

Reserve your registration HERE



If you rack your brain over which project to support as a goodrunner,  get inspired and choose what is closest to your heart! As soon as you choose your project, call us and we will prepare everything together with you. Currently, we need funds for the following things / activities:


\As for orientation in life, among people and even in the family, work and partner relationships, the visually-impaired have the same problems as healthy people. Completing a psychology course can help them in handling such situations. It will show them how to deal with standard situations and advise them on how to be well-informed and where to turn for aid.

The knowledge gained from this course can be a significant facilitation for the visually handicapped when dealing with life and work problems.

If TyfloCentrum psychologist did not take charge of teaching the course and practical training, then the costs for one group would be about CZK 10 000 to CZK 15 000.

The course could take place during the year 2017.


It solves the problem of spending free time. It is proven that music therapy has a positive influence on the psyche of the handicapped and visually-impaired people even more, due to the fact, that they compensate sight by hearing. Music therapy is a method, which in case of the visually handicapped in particular suitably develops their attitude to new possibilities and to their not only intellectual development.

Music therapy / art therapy in general/ could be taught in TyfloCentrum in all regions. The training could be caried out in the form of group meetings with emphasis on individual attention to the participants. The main emphasis is put on experience.

The price of the course is about CZK 15 000 for one region.

The course could take place in 2017 depending on the possibilities of the instructor and the clients.


Sound simulated shooting is one of the sports that visually-handicapped people can do. Mgr. Lukáš Lacina, a TC employee, who is a multiple champion of the Czech Republic in this discipline, coordinates this activity in our organization. Besides personal development, this sport  is to weld our clients together, establishing relationships.

Report on idnes.cz.

A new laser gun for sound simulated shooting costs CZK 12 463 including VAT. Shooting takes place twice a month in the TC clubroom.


Physical activity is important for all of us. Tyflocentrum Olomouc cooperates with Centrum pohybu, where we want to go to within 2017 (spring and autumn) and attend special exercising lessons that will influence the improvement of physical condition; health improvement; obesity prevention; exercising in a group where the clients need not be ashamed of their handicap; adapted exercises and surroundings; making new contacts; strengthening relationships; a change of scene. 

How much money is needed? 10 lessons = CZK 5 000, 20 lessons = CZK 10 000.

These activities will be carried out within the year 2017 – 2 terms (spring and autumn) 2x 10 lessons


Has any of these projects intrigued you? Then you have a unique opportunity to choose one and become a goodrunner !


If you are interested in our activities, you want to be a goodrunner or to support us in another way, feel free to refer to us!

Tomáš Helísek

Project guarantor, fundraiser, PR & Media

604 389 858




Run for a good cause – year 2016